Tuesday, February 08, 2005

ang shawarma...bow!

shawarma, shawarma, everybody's longing for shawarma!
Since the last time i introduced it to my officemates, they can't get enough of it. Imagine for only P45 mabubusog ka talaga! (huh promotion 'to ah - stockholder ata 'to,joke!) and mind you even it is located at the end of the horizon you can't feel the rough road.
Sorry for WENDY, ANNE and JACK becoz they failed to join us in our shawarma feast, and now they were the ones who want to taste a bit of it but sadly hindi kami matuluy-tuloy (wawa naman).
Anyway, don't worry girls, bcoz sooner or later, you'll be in. And i promise you will surely love it... but at this point in time, MAGLAWAY MUNA KAYO! (Bwahahahahahah)

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