Friday, February 04, 2005 lots more fun

We had a great time celebrating khendz natal day last night. it was awesome fun! imagine for a very long period of time, we always failed to have a night life due to lack of time and sometimes all of us angels have our own gimmick.
At long last, we were complete as in, although we also missed our friend MT (guess who?). He wasn't able to come due to some unexpected circumstances (unexpected daw oh!?).
Anyway, eventhough he wasn't around, we girls managed not to spoil our time so...we rock all night long and drink beer - ALL we can. But mind you, i finished about five bottles of san mig light and so does jenny and achi while the rest just had a bottle or two. (i don't know d' guyz hah!).
But of course, time swiftly passed by so we had to go separate ways again...a little sadness bugged us but i absolutely agree that happiness will overflow when we come to reminisce what had happened that night, right girls?
so by 2:00 a.m. were all on our way home hoping someday we'll be doing same kinda night out or maybe a different one but still with all of us intact. This is how we seized the day!

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