Sunday, February 13, 2005

gilbey's shame

three cups full of gilbey's equals one memorable mark in my history. it was jubileen's birthday yesterday so i get there to socialize with my college friends, eat a lot of food and of course the finale...drink and get drunk (he, he).
so in the middle of the alcohol session, as we watch Jeila's nuptial, i went to the comfort room but when i was about to go out, i suddenly felt dizzy.
i was three steps away from my seat when darkness covered my way then a loud noise came bubbling over my ears. i heard my friends shouting, asking what had happened, then i realized i was lying on the floor. when i had a nick of time to get my energy back, i stand up to my feet and shout... JOKE! (as if indeed i was kidding). thanks coz they were convinced that i was just jesting on them.
HEY, i'm not aware that i already finished drinking three cups full of gilbey's gin (with a punch - honestly it was that much) coz we were busy joking with what were watching.sorry Jeila but that's the truth. Ha, ha, ha!

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