Tuesday, April 12, 2005

what a night!

it was my cousin's graduation day yesterday and so as expected, there was a small family gathering. but i was able to join them by past eight in the evening - as usual, after my work - so after a little chit-chat with relatives and friends present in the occasion we finally decided to hop for while in baywalk.
by the time we reached the place, joaquin got amazed with the midgets in Anthology where one of the servers was as small as him and what got most of his attention was its art paint on the face.
he also got a little bit scared with the man making pantomime, especially when it move when a little boy throw coins in its box.
finally me and my sisters (kukai and kat) we're able to comfort ourselves in Kapalua. performing was Rated PG band composed of three guys, one gay and a girl. we were so entertain on TJ (the gay) coz he's so funny and has a lot of sense of humor (green or not). this gay has a very good voice for alternative songs and u just can't come up to realize that he's green-blooded if he's seriously singing - only if he does the comedy stunts which gives life to the group as a whole.
so after their gig by 11 p.m. we went home with smiles on our face coz of the great camaraderie we had.

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