Friday, June 17, 2005

martial law, what?!

a college friend texted me this early morning. the message goes like this: Fwdd: confirmd. Pls pas 2 as many people. Gma will dclare martial law on or b4 june 21. Lary mendoza & beroya 2 comand SOTs 500 bushmastr au2matic weapons 4 beroya's hit squads hve arived. If d plan s exposed bka matakot c gma. Ikalat na. D plan includes closure of mas media & ol cel fones. Der s sum resistance n d afp. 4 sure, key personalities wl b arested.=pls 4ward=.
"it's stupid!" i said while laughing. the whole idea is a big joke. for sure the major telecoms company will benefit from this coz people will surely pass the message out of fun or maybe ignorance regarding the so called "certified plan".
On the other hand, considering that the message is true, it is very alarming. who wants to be under it, anyway? i don't want either, though i've heard some good points about it, i won't gamble my freedom. though several years had past after the martial law declaration of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, its scar already turned into a keloid symbolizing the pain and wound of juan dela cruz during the dictatorship era.
the present government should think twice on enforcing it or should be more careful in planning such an evil idea. the government must be intelligent enough becoz with what's happening now, i don't think that vigilant juan dela cruz will just let gloria win the title being the second to the late President Marcos.

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