Sunday, July 31, 2005


Sa dulong bahagi ng tigang na lupa,
agaw-buhay ang liwanag.
Tila wala nang lakas.
Unti-unting nilalamon
at iginugupo ng dilim.
ahh, dapit hapon na naman,
malungkot, malamig...
kay tagal muling sisilip ng bukang liwayway!


Edwin Lacierda said...


I am not too good in Filipino so every time I see someone write in Filipino and in poetry, I take a second look at the writing. I have always felt that Filipino is so full of nuance that English cannot compare. At least, modern English anyway.

It is a dying art. so, keep on writing poetry and dont worry about people visiting your sites. If you write it, they will come.

Edwin Lacierda said...


I think Charter change is inevitable if you look at how the politicians are talking. But the question is when is the best time to change the charter.

I would prefer a constitutional convention because the people will get to elect delegates instead of our congressmen drafting the charter with ulterior motives.

Personally, i am not sure if the presidential system is no longer viable because they used to say that we had the second best economy in Asia during the 50's and 60's. If it was good then, why is it not good now. But I am not a political scientist. All I see is de Venecia pushing it and he wants to be Prime Minister.

Anyway, by all means, please link me and dont forget to keep on posting your poems. They are very refreshing.