Thursday, July 28, 2005

the toll story

we went to balagtas, bulacan last night and gave our last respect to the mother of our two columnists (palmistry and numerology) and our former news editor.
it was an undecided trip, however, Candy and Glenda agreed to come with us and so we go ahead.
Glenda was with her beau, Reymond, who brought a Pajero were Jack and Anne hitchhiked while me, Chi, Weng, Faye with Melvin were into Mam Ja's Adventure driven by Dada, of course.
we left quarter to nine (p.m.) and fetched Jen and Candy at Wendy's-SM Annex. i went inside the resto to see them, and Jen told me that they were waiting for Reymond who went shortly to the comfort room. after this, our unforgettable journey began.
we led the convoy but Dada was confused on the traffic flow in SM North complex, so instead of going the right way, we entered in a one way outlet. goodness gracious! a traffic enforcer saw us but instead of apprehending, he managed to control the traffic so that we could get back onto the right track and thanks for his courteousness.
while on our way out of Edsa, Faye received a text message from Jen telling us to stop and wait for them - we met halfway behind SM Annex - but eventually stopped almost infront of Quezon City Academy (along Edsa).
Jen jumped out of the Pajero, approach us and asked in a Visayan accent if we have enough bucks to pay for the toll. And we answered, yes (though we're quite confused how much will it cost us to pass the newly renovated expressway that once became controversial due to the 100 to 300 percent increase in its toll fee).
And so we continue the trip with them leading the journey. but the Pajero vanished in mid-air, looks like Reymond's on a drag race, huh!
while sharing a single large fries and a lone small sized frostee, our random crazy thoughts began circling regarding the toll fee issue. we felt belittle, but with our balanced-thinking of the truth, it just turned out to be our laughing stock. until we arrived in the wake and drove back to Manila.

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