Thursday, August 25, 2005

sudden change

i'm slowly recovering from my tribulations. hope it's already a step towards a better day.
there were signs of recuperation. it started when i opened up all my angst to somebody and when i gained a friend in an unfortuitous event.
some unplanned actions eased my pain. i dunno how i did it. all i remember was, i conveyed all that was inside my mind and heart...all my misinterpretations in life and myself and those whom i loved. after that, i was enlightened.
i'm now looking forward for the better. great, isn't it?


The Doctor said...

Change can be good. It is to look forward.

The Doctor said...

nice pic by th way

Abaniko said...

friends help ease our pains. try to also change some of your perspectives. remember, happiness is a decision. have a great day karen and thanks for the link. :-)