Friday, August 12, 2005

where's my social life?

i've been reflecting this past few days and wondering what's happening in me and my inner surroundings - just wanna forget my work coz it always stressed me to death - and i discovered that i missed one half of me. sad, yeah.
i'm stuck here in a four cornered room of everyday happenings for about three years already. i know what's going on in the society but at the same time, i lost my own sociability.
true, i have my circle of friends, partners and my sweet companion, however, it seems that i'm looking for something that can elevate my social life.
been busy all my working time for night life, reunions and family gatherings. wanna have more time for myself! how about a nature adventure back in the terrains of Mt. Maculot or in Famy, Laguna? can i find me there?

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Edwin Lacierda said...


Dont fret. At least, you have this blog to pour your angst out. Anyway, you are not alone. I find time to read your poems. Which made me realize to link you to my site. By the way, been to Famy, nice place and it is near our vacation house in Pililla