Wednesday, September 07, 2005

a lesson

making friend is easy but earning one's trust is a very complex thing.
there was this incident when i encountered somebody on-line who was searching for an ear to tell all his angst in love and life. and so i opened my space for all his good and silly thoughts. however, i realized that he's just a piece of shit, spying on somebody close to me.
i really was reluctant accepting the friendship he offered, though i got sympathetic on his case for a while, i tried to convince him to let go and accept what happened to him and my friend. i hope he finds his conscience before it haunts him. as the saying goes, the good always prevail and the bad never win.


nhila517tm said...

that's one thing that really annoys me... you offer help and give them respect but sometimes what happens is the other way happened to me once, and during that time, if i was just out of my sanity, I would really hire somebody to kill him ( joke!) make him feel and realize how wrong it was to do such a thing. I have given all my trust and i never doubted him, pero the truth was even his identity was just an imagination!!! YUCK!!!

ken said...

that's why we should be very careful, not all friends we knew offers true friendship.