Friday, October 07, 2005

food 4 d soul

The temptation to forget is a SIN.

This was shared to us by Father Robert Reyes, who led the first Friday mass this noon. He reminded us not to bury but rather always remember the past no matter how good or bad it was. Why? Because we can learn a lot from it and it can guide us in our future.
So there, i just realize that i'm one hell of a sinner for trying to forget some of my past, huh!


Abaniko said...

not to forget your mistakes, yes but not to forget other hurtful things (rape, abuse, murder in the family, etc.) that happened beyond your control can be emotionally debilitating. you sometimes need to forget, let go and press on to get rid of negativity.

chat said...

ooh... i never gave it much thought before. but i guess we have to look deeper on what he said: forget the bitterness, but remember the lessons :)

Pao said...

hey! Fr. Reyes was previously assigned in our parish. dito sa UP chapel. small world. :)

kukote said...

i agree with chat. yun lang.