Friday, November 11, 2005


I met an accident this early noon while aboard a Pascual bus going to work. We were in a U-turn slot along Mindanao Avenue when a trailer truck hit the center part of the bus, damaging three windows. The side-mirror of the right part of the trailer truck got inside the bus and its shattered glass were scattered upon us passengers who were stunned and petrified by the incident. We’re lucky, the incident didn’t cause serious injuries or even death to anybody.
Who's to blame? In my opinion, the bus driver should be blame for it, why? Because he drives carelessly! He's ain't responsible, imagine we're on a U-turn slot, so, he should be slow and careful, but instead, he overtakes into a car infront of us and did that dangeous turn.
As a result, the trailer truck on our left side miscalculated it's position and bumped unto the bus.


Wendy said...

Ohhh... Action film... Buti di SPEED ang title ng post mo... hehehe...

C Saw said...

mabuti walang nangyaring masama