Saturday, January 21, 2006


My blog is ONE year old now. I posted 88 entries but i noticed that most of it dealt with my cynicisms. Anyway, i still love blogging, though sometimes i'm having a hard time to post new thoughts coz of my hectic schedule, i'm in the work in improving my space.
To EVERYBODY thank's for dropping by and you're very much welcome to visit here.
Seize the day!


Wendy said...

Ei Carpe Diem... Good day! Parang kailan lang nang i-introduce mo sa akin ang "blog" and despite of your hectic sked kaya bihira kang makapag-post... now what? ONE YEAR na ang blog mo... CONGRATULATION!

Saan ang celebration?!

God speed!

C Saw said...

hooray for a year of cynicism!!!
Joke lang po.

Static Brain said...

Happy Blogiversary. To one year of sharing your world with us. Here's wishing that you stick around another one.

pao said...

happy blog-versary!

thanks also for the bday greeting. :)

bistado said...

Buti walang naganap na STAMPEDE sa anniversary mo. Congrats and thanks a lot.

little light said...

happy birthday bloggy Ü