Friday, February 24, 2006


I was surprised when i heard that my cuzin Jambert
was already in Singapore... just a couple of days
after we got to know each other well.

Another cuzin of mine, texted me
He said he's on board a ship and will see
me and the rest of the gang in two years.
Huhh, they're all leaving me, duh.

A text message was sent to me by my highschool classmate
and it goes like this: A true friend is not like the rain that pours and goes.
It's more like the air sometimes keeping quiet but is always there
constantly hanging around.

I've read about job offers in United Kingdom (UK)
but the British Embassy here are saying that there's no job
presently available for Filipinos. Grrr.

Summer is fast approaching
so does La NiƱa! (Heck!)

PGMA declared the national state of emergency.
But what makes it worst?
I have my own state of emergency.


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