Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Why most of us Filipinos think of the Land of Milk and Honey, as our only hope for a better future? Why not think that our country can give us that so-called “better future” that others continue to search for in the foreign land?
It’s not that I dislike going to America, Paris, Italy or Canada, who doesn’t want, anyway? But the thought that there lies my hope is a no, no. Haven't you realize building your dreams with the rising sun?
Maybe I’m a bit patriotic in this sense, but the way I understand the thought, it’s having less confidence, no pride of country and no pride of self too. That I pity.
With these crises going on in our nation, only us Filipinos can alleviate our condition. We have every resources for success, the only thing we lack is the guts to believe that we can make it on our own. Remember, that the more we ignore and just try to escape our present circumstance, the more we will shrink into the problem and the less we could think of a better plan towards our country's future.

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