Thursday, October 11, 2007

Poker chips collector

My uncle is a Poker lover. I remember the first time he were able to watch a friend playing poker online, he became curious about the game and try to learn all about it. And now, he’s so much into playing poker. He even competes in different Poker competition, locally and even abroad.
Since his first competition in Manila, Philippines where he luckily won, my uncle kept some Poker chips. He believed that those chips are his luck charm because he won in the contest.
And every time my uncle travels abroad to play poker or compete, he still manages to keep a poker chip as his remembrance for that particular place where he plays.
If I wasn’t mistaken, uncle now have 35 poker chips from different places in the world and he value those chips that were supplied by American Gaming Supply and those he got from playing in Las Vegas amusement centers and from different 5 star hotels in the United States.
Yes, it shows that he don’t only enjoy playing poker but loves the hobby of collecting poker chips too. Because of his being a poker aficionado, the family supports uncle in his endeavor because his being a champion in playing poker also makes the family known and proud.

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