Sunday, November 11, 2007

Watch it!

Three years ago, uncle gave me an antique Tissot watch. That was before he got married at the age of 50. I noticed that the watch was in manual and not automatic. The band is in white gold and the shape of the body looks like a leaf with two stones on top and bottom.
I use it only on occasions because of its old though elegant style. The last time I wear it was on a reunion but its tiny band got tangled in my dress and I noticed that the Watch Bands became loosed. I was a bit saddened because of my carelessness I almost ruined the watch and my dress.
I haven’t had it fixed and just kept it in my closet, but I will definitely have it repaired when I visit the mall in due time.
I am using my other watches in my daily activities since there’s a lot of watch that comes in fashion – more colorful, big and small – and comes in more features such as perpetual calendar, multi-time zone, calculator, etcetera.
And I also dreamed of buying myself a Rolex watch, hopefully this Christmas or next year or maybe I’ll just wait for someone who will give me this extravagant gift when time comes. I’ll just cross my fingers.

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