Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Want a bar?

Although bars and cafés are popping up like mushroom in Metro Manila, a friend still wants to invest in such kind of business. She’s thinking of a restaurant and bar at the same time. I know that she’s gonna gamble her fortune in that business because myriad of establishment already offers the same services and foods.
Most are contending only on the price of their services and how they deliver it. But my friend is very eager to put up her own restaurant and bar. The location of her business is somewhere in Timog and the architectural design of the place was already finish. So it’s up to her interior designer to make the place more of a feel-at-home ambiance.
She has already ordered the construction materials needed and different equipment used in food business. Aside from this she’s still looking for affordable yet elegant bar stools that will give comfort to her costumers and fits right in the home-like ambiance of the place.
About the food that she’ll offer, I know it will be a variety of Filipino American and Italian cuisine. Liquors and beverages to be served in her bar will be imported in the USA. Her deserts and delicacies will be supplied by a relative. Her target date to open is on New Year, to start the business with a big bang.

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