Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All for the best

It’s true that when you’re looking for something, like a dress for example, you always wanted for the one that can make you look great. It’s innate to people to seek the one that they find perfect to the eye, to the taste buds when it comes to food, for the benefit of oneself when it comes to choices.
Nobody wants to be the in the last line if you need to catch the train in rush hours or last to grab the latest gadget or talk about the latest gossip or scandal. Nobody wants to be left out.
Our preferences maybe different but we all target for the better like a child always wanted to have her own Barbie doll or his own Play station 4, a student who wants to enroll in the best university in town, a musician who wants to win the Grammy, a gambler wants to play in the Best Casinos in the world, a basketball team who wanted to be the champion, a politician who wants to win and lead the nation.
There’s nothing wrong about wanting the best or achieving the peak. We just need to accept that not everybody reaches the paramount but we are best in our own little way.

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