Monday, February 18, 2008

Miles away

It’s been three weeks already since hubby went to Cebu for his work assignment. This is the first time we were away with each other for so long and we’re not used to this experience. I admit many things cross my mind and the situation is hard for me because I still can’t adjust.
Albeit there are many things like work that can interfere with out lives we still manage to get over it through communication like by text messages and calls.
Sending him text messages –naughty or not, makes me feel we’re just beside each other, talking for almost an hour in our cell phones keep us very near our heart. Though there we’re times we converse through text like when he and his officemates played Casino Slots when they visited Cebu Waterfront Hotel. I just remind him that it’s okey to play casino games but he should be responsible.
Anyway, it’s just a typical argument that ends well and we’re back to our sweet old self exchanging inspirational messages, talking about our kid and how he misses each other so much. That’s good to hear, though it makes me miss him more and I can’t wait to see him back in our home.

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