Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Wrong timing

Just in time when hubby left to work in Cebu, our house help was sacked by my MIL.
I really can't decide if I'll follow MIL's instruction because we still don't have a replacement. A sudden decision I hate but I have to follow what MIL wants because we're living with her. I pity myself in such situation for I cannot decide for our own good thinking if I disobey, it will only create chaos to our relationship. And the worst thing...my son is the one suffering in the situation.
I attend to him in the morning and send him to school, cook food and clean our room after then go to work.
By lunchtime, he will be fetch by a relative and stay in the house on his own but sometimes with her aunt's guidance or he'll stay in her grandma's store in the market.
He waits for me till I arrive by 10 pm and we will still finish his assignment. Before going to bed, I'll make sure his uniforms and things are ready for the next day. That's our routine for now and until we get a new house help.

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