Thursday, February 07, 2008

You'll enjoy this

After being attacked by laziness, I’m back once again writing in my first blog. I noticed many in my links have changed domain or worst stopped blogging but I’m glad there’s still some who continue writing and exploring the blog world like me. As I visit other sites, I noticed that many advertise on blogs.
I wonder how will I get paid just like them until I’ve learned from a friend about getting paid in blogging. There are a lot of services that gives bloggers the opportunity to produce income while enjoying one’s passion in writing. It provides the blogger the assignment from a specific advertiser where you’ll just write a review for a certain product or service.
Besides offering an easy way to earn money by giving good assignment there are services that lets you receive the payments for the review you made after a week. Yes, you read it write, payments are received weekly and you don’t need to worry and wait too long to enjoy your harvest. If I were you, I won’t let opportunities just pass me by.

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