Monday, April 28, 2008

Dental plan

I have my third molar tooth extracted last weekend. I went to a new dentist since my other dentist was on a month long vacation. He asked me about my health history and made sure I am all right before going to the procedure. Dr. Reyes even asked me if I have any dental insurance like Ameriplan so he can process it after.
With butterflies on my stomach, I sat on the dentist chair and Dr. Reyes noticed what I’m feeling. I am coward with needles and even the doctor gave me topical anesthesia, I still can’t relax myself.So ashamed, I just can’t help my fear until the procedure was done though I didn’t really felt any kind of pain.
Dr. Reyes just smiled and told me that my tooth was already extracted. When I saw my tooth in his hands, that’s the only time I felt relief. Again he reminded me about dental insurance like Ameriplan that offers discounts on dental procedures.He said I can recommend friends that are interested to apply for Ameriplan and he will assist us to get one.

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