Monday, April 07, 2008


We visited Manila Ocean Park yesterday. I was hesitant to go there because of the negative reviews I read in the paper. I told my in-laws that there's a lot of people there and the place is not yet fully finished, but they wanted to go and so, for the sake of our kids, off we went to the Oceanarium.
As I've mentioned to them that we should go there as earlier as possible, considering its Sunday - family day, we were welcomed with enormous groups of people. Our waiting number just to ticket purchasing was 283. We need to wait for about an hour just to purchase a hefty entrance fee of P400 bucks for adult and P350 for children.
When its our turn to enter, the kids were excited but again, the first couple of step in Oceanarium was jam packed and when we got inside, we were like in a can of sardines. What's more sad was people don't follow simple rules like "Flash photography is not allowed."
In fairness to the guides inside, they always advice the guests to refrain using flash in their cameras and they will confiscate the cam on your second offense.
But some guests I guess barely understand what it means or they were just amazed with the creatures inside the huge aquariums?
Well, the kids enjoy their visit in the Ocean Park but I hope the administration should think of a better way to accommodate their guests well and made them feel that their P400 is truly worth their stay in the marine park.

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Li'l Light said...

wow. sulit ba? nagpa-plan din kasi akong dalhin ang family ko don. im not aware of the negative reviews.