Thursday, May 22, 2008


Kids today are so exposed to technology that they indulge their day in front of a computer or game consoles. And this summer, Ponkan has more time playing his Gameboy Advance or PSP with his cousin Em-Em from daytime and at nighttime.
When I arrived home from work, Ponks would always ask me about cheat codes. With so much ignorance, I asked his dad what little Ponks was talking about. I don’t understand what cheat code is until he told me that it’s an instruction for the game GTA which they are fond of playing right now. My kid asked me to download cheat codes and print it for him. And so I did.
I am worried because it seems Ponks is so hook on playing internet games and PSP and I might have a hard time to convince him to focus on his studies since school year is about to begin. I am worried because he has less physical activities.
One morning, I asked him to go outside, call Em-Em and other playmates. I fetched a pail of water and made a line out of it on the ground. The two kids asked me what am I doing and I answered that we will play a new game that requires more physical activities – patintero.
At first, they keep on asking what to do but when they learn about the game they started to have fun and love playing it. I told them to play it in the morning because it’s a good form of exercise.
The strategy helps me to slowly take away Ponk’s attention on his PSP and totally control him playing game consoles. Next week, I will introduce him with his books, papers, pencils and colors again in preparation for the incoming school year in his new school.


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mimi11460 said...

hi inya thanks for the comment.You know what we have same problem on psp and computer thing that our kids are in,though my kids is surely older than yours but they too are so much addicted in games..Thanks because school is soon to open now they have a lot of things to do so time has come for a break...