Thursday, August 28, 2008

My successful Kare-Kare

Kare-Kare is one of my hubby's favorite dishes but I seldom cook it. My first attempt cooking Kare-Kare was on my birthday last year because not only my hubby wanted it, I remember my late mother-in-law asked for it too. Since it was my first attempt, I asked Ate Edith's help.
Last week was the second time I prepared Kare-Kare all by myself. I did not use ox tail since I can't find one in the plea market so I just bought pig's hock (pata) and the vegetables including, eggplant, banana blossoms and string beans.
Excited and a bit nervous while cooking Kare-Kare, I even forgot the important ingredient - the salted shrimp paste or alamang, so we just bought the ready-to-eat alamang in the mini grocery. Here is how my Kare-Kare looked like, I'm sorry because hubby just remembered taking pictures of it when they're almost done eating.I got big smiley face after because they all like it.

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chat said...

wow kare-kare! that's my fave too :) lagi yang request pag bday ko :)

matagal-tagal din akong di nakadalaw dito...