Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reward from hard work

My former colleague Khendie who is now based in Canada just settled in one of a fully furnished Toronto apartments. She gave herself a gift of good comfort after her years of hard work afar from her family.

She came back to the Philippines early this year after she renewed her work contract in Canada. I remember, Khendie and my other colleague Jenny were both very eager to convince me to apply for a job in Canada.

Jenny also went home last month and we had a blast of cherishing good office memories at the height of our party mood. She is also back in Saskatchewan, Canada after a month long vacation.

We all worked in a publishing firm before. They resigned before me after finding a greener pasture in working abroad. I would like to be with them too but I still have more things to consider. I just thought that if I pursued my application before I may have owned now a furnished home too.

Maybe it is time to reconsider the idea of working abroad. After all, I am working hard here in the Philippines but I could hardly get the sufficient wage that I longed for. And I know this idea will going to be a long conversation again.

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