Wednesday, December 01, 2010

741 million pesos richer

The lucky winner of the historical 6-55 Grand Lotto jackpot worth more than 741 million pesos bought the lucky ticket in Royal Subic Mall, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority or SBMA in Olongapo according to the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes office.

Winner's identity is still unidentified but reports said that the machine picked winning ticket was bought between 11 a.m up to 1:00 o'clock noon.
Aside from the lucky person the lotto outlet would also receive half a million pesos from PCSO.

With the recent result of the lotto, where only a sole winner emerged there is now public clamor that the PCSO should made public the names and identity of lotto winners like in other countries.

Are you in favor of this? And if you are the sole winner of a multi-million peso lottery what will you do with your money?

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