Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Health and work-at-night

Experts say that working during the wee hours has a big health risk effect especially to woman - and to those who are pregnant.
I am a night worker and this kind of health news is alarming to me that's why I take precaution and drink vitamins everyday to boost my immune system.
Through vitaminID.com, I learned how to customize my daily vitamin packs. The vitamins are naturally made so it is safe.
The Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Development officials warned women especially those who are pregnant to work overnight because a study shows that it can cause cancer, particularly breast cancer. Deprivation of sleep in women makes us less productive in producing melatonin, a known antioxidant capable of reducing estrogen levels.
The non-governmental organization stressed out that night work is carcinogenic and it puts workers at risk.
I know that they are concern about our health but there are many woman who works at night especially in the business process outsourcing industry, right? They work to earn a living. And even though these kind of health study surfaces, I don't think they will risk to lose their night job.
Maybe, all we could do is to make sure that are healthy all throughout by consulting our doctors regularly and be concern about living a healthy lifestyle.

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