Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Long Day

Ten days of rest is long enough for me. I'm on my fifth day today so I've good got halfway to go. But Day 4 was not as good as the first three days because I've met an accident.

It was caused by my being child-like that day. I taught my son, nephew and niece some new game that requires physical activity. They were too much addicted to Facebook and online gaming so I decided to introduce them to my childhood games.

And so we played "Mataya, Taya or Habulan", "Doctor Quack,Quack and "Froggy, Frog". They were all happy while playing these games. The last game became too much physical that it made us tumble sometimes but then again it's all pure fun.

That's why even though I hit the cemented floor during the game and a nephew of mine also fell down on me, we did not worry much of the pain but started laughing and continued the game.

In the aftermath of our fun and tiring game, that's when I noticed that I got bruised on my right chin and my tooth cracked. Oh my, this needed immediate relief and so I went to the dentist the next day and voila...that cost me a hefty three thousand pesos for a cracked tooth.

That's really sad though but it's life...full of fun and surprises. Anyway, the children clamor for some more games. How about "Taguan (Hide and Seek)", "Langit Lupa (Heaven and Earth)" or "Luksong Tinik"?

It's not that bad to feel like a child again. So until the next playful weekend.

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