Saturday, February 26, 2011

Civil Unrest

Political turmoil in the Middle East and Africa gets wider. From Tunisia, to Egypt, Yemen, to Bahrain, Libya and Iraq.

Most of them turned into bloody demonstrations and death. Although some of them reached the vantage point and successfully overthrown their leaders.

But the sad truth is that it affects majority of life, even those people who are not part of the problem suffers. Now foreigners quickly evacuate from these countries, even people of the super power nations.

The sad part here are the people from third world countries like the Philippines who clings to their job in the Middle East and Africa for a living. Imagine more than one million overseas Filipino workers are based in the Middle East, how do you think some of them bear the effect of being jobless again?

This situational crisis might even turn into civil unrest too in the Philippines because the government cannot provide jobs for it's people. The main reason why most Filipinos find their luck abroad aside from the fact that the currency is low.

So, I hope political turmoil in the Middle East and some part of Africa be resolved and the whole world finally attains peace.

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