Monday, March 14, 2011

Contest Updates

UPDATES: It's okay if the link is not working at all, just add my site on your blogroll. Thanks!

As of the moment, there are 3 contest participants already and they are
1) Anciro
2) LadyGuinevere
3) SilverGirl

Thanks guys for joining early!

You can still be a part of the contest because it is up until March 21.

Don't forget to follow the easy rules stated below.


1) Read and comment on this POST. (Please click to browse the post where you are required to comment.)

2) Add my two blogs Carpe Diem and My so-called world on your blogroll.

And if you can share my post in your Twitter or Facebook...the better.

That's it.

Prizes are P1,000 worth of GIBI gift certificate for Philippine residents
$5 for bloggers abroad (this will be sent through Paypal only)

Thank you, guys for the support!

Keep the comments pouring on my other blog.

Leave a comment on this site about the entries you made.


ladymishel said...

commented on your smart broadbandest blowout post

added your blogs in my blogroll =)

twitter post:!/michelleame/status/47260488739979264

w0rkingAth0mE said...

Hi there, joining your contest.

- Commented on your smart broadbandest blow out post

Added Carpe Diem and My-so-called in my blogroll

Tweet your smart broadbandest!/kmaram/status/47311862215344129

Thanks a lot


Blogging Park said...

Your link is not working,actually the post at are not live.Please check and correct the issue.Thanks.

divine said...

sasali ako mamu hehehe...bibili ko ng gibi shoes bunso ko hahaha!