Monday, April 25, 2011

Death and Resurrection

Life is really uncertain.

Hours before Easter Sunday, a tragic event happened. One of my co-worker died in the struggle to maintain peace and order. Edwin Ramos is a very noble man to his family and friends. He is more than a radio coordinator because he has helped myriad of people asking for assistance through our radio programs.

He died due to stabbed wounds upon trying to calm a man who ran amok. Two others were wounded in the incident including his girlfriend. His life ended tragically because he left his aging mother whom he cared so much all his life.

But God has a reason for this. Just like how He gave us His Son Jesus Christ so we can be saved from our sins.

Ed's passing is a big lesson for us as resurrected people of God to make our life more meaningful because death is also uncertain. We will never know how and until when we will endure to live.
So live life to the fullest...but live righteous and always trust God and have faith.

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