Monday, December 26, 2011

Find Web Hosting

Just one week to go until 2011 ends. I've been thinking of a gift for myself for the New Year. How about a new blog? I guess I have to own a site and so I browsed to check for a web host. I'm still trying to think about the niche of the blog I'm going to put up.
And if I have to give up some sites I've previously owned. I know you understand how hard it is to maintain blogs of different niche. I have some friends who have twelve blogs in all...that requires tremendous maintenance and attention. That I cannot do because I have limited time to be online. I am currently on leave until the last day of the year that's why I am having time to work on my new blog with the help of
I still have a lot of things to decide like the url, the name of the blog, the design and layout. If I'd choose a Wordpress or stick to Blogger and if I will opt for a paid hosting service or a free web host. For now, I got to get going because time runs fast and I want a new web by the New Year.


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