Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Sing For Hope

Encouraging kids to join youth outreach program can help him grow as a person. I remember during my younger days, every summer I always ask my parents to bring me to my grandparent's house in the province. There, I enjoy planting and teach fellow kids to sing and dance. In that simple manner, I have encourage kids from the country side to learn new things and enjoy them. So every summer, there's a group of children who patiently wait for my return and I always feel excited about it.

This time, I'd like my kid to learn how to share himself to others. I know today is far more different than yesterday and situation today is more complex but I believe that my kid can do something big in his little way to inspire others being a volunteer in youth outreach program.

From this program, I know my kid can still enjoy things he loves to do like playing guitar or basketball with the homeless children or do artworks and paint with his peers to beautify the community. All I need to do is persuade him to join Sing For Hope - a charitable organization with volunteer program that benefit schools, hospitals and communities. This way I can help him understand how servicing other can help him learn and find his true color and vision in life.

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