Friday, December 20, 2013

The Goodness of Yoga

Today, many are hooked into Yoga. A lot of my friends are going crazy attending sessions of Yoga program. Some invited me but I declined but I was convinced too after I noticed changes with some of my friends. Changes are very positive that I cannot ignore and so I joined them in three sessions.

Now what did I found out? Yoga nurtures our body and soul. This is what I realized after I experienced doing yoga.  

Yoga also brings goodness to our body. When we meditate, we breathe freely, inhaling fully and exhaling slowly unclogging our stressed mind. It made me feel light and great after the session.

Yoga helps us achieve physical and mental disciplines too.

For other people like athletes, they say doing yoga session reduce their athletic injuries. How? Because through yoga they learned to improve their balance, their flexibility, range of motion and strength. It is a complete exercise and physical therapy routine too. 

It also helps us alleviate health problems, lower our blood pressure, ease aches and pains. And yes, Yoga could also help us lose weight. Now this is what I like the most, losing weight. No I am not obese I just need to shed off some weight.

If you’re feeling depressed, anxious and can’t get enough sleep or having insomnia, then Yoga is also for you.

Overall, Yoga improves quality of your life. Yoga teaches us to understand ourselves and the essence of why we live. It connects our body, mind and soul to live free and do great things in life. 

I'd like to thank the following for making me appreciate Yoga:

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