Thursday, July 14, 2005

text of happiness

it was 12:00 noon, we were mourning this lunchbreak when mam ja received a text message. she grasped her cellphone and read the message then suddenly shouted out of the blue. all of us were surprised upon hearing that her birth certificate was already accomplished, meaning her dream of walking into the aisle and tying the knot with dada, will now be next in line. our feelings of disappointment eventually turned into glee. we were all happy for her, knowing how long did she tried to fix her BC, and how many months did she waited for that requirement and how many years had past when she made an announcement for that very special moment in her life. ja and da, we wish the both of you all the best in life! go and multiply!

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The Doctor said...

I have siezed the day (carpe diem) in 60 countries. Ty for the visit and really cute baby there.