Monday, September 12, 2005

i want

Starring Emmy Rossum, Gerard Butler Patrick Wilsonand Minnie Driver

A very great story about love and self-sacrificing. It's music runs deep down my spine, captivating! Emmy who played Cristine Daee has a very powerful voice that endears my heart. I enjoyed the part of The Point of No Return and the finale. Oh my God, i can't stop my tears from shedding down my diamond-shaped eye.
Wish i can have a copy of it's soundtrack and desiring to watch it on stage where it originally belongs. (In France will do. Har, har, har!)


Abaniko said...

yes. phantom of the opera is a good one. i had the luck to see the play in new york three years ago. my favorite song is "music of the night."

Pao said...

ooh, love the phantom of the opera!