Sunday, May 28, 2006

in hiatus no more

I'm back!
It's been a month since I posted my last entry coz i'm having a hard time to maintain 2 blogs at a time. No, I'm not a blogaholic, am just fond of blogging.
Recently, I was busy reading the controversial novel by Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code and I've watched the movie after. The content of the story doesn't amaze me anymore because I already had a little knowledge about the Priory of Sion and the Holy Grail.
Accidentally, my hubby brought a documentary cd - the title I can't remember, and all i recall was the so called secret society.
Reading the novel, The Da Vinci Code and watching the movie version was all out of curiosity in the technical sense.
Being hooked to those stuff doesn't affect my faith at all. I agree on what Tom Hanks crooned in the last part of the movie, "What matters is what you BELIEVE".


pao said...

i've read the book but haven't watched the movie yet. chose x-men 3 over it because of hugh jackman (wolverine). heehee! ;)

Ymir said...

i blog hopped and landed here. try reading brown's angels and demons. i liked it better. ;)

ken said...

did ur hubby know that your head over heels with hugh jackman?
just asking. ahehehe

ken said...

thanks 4 droppin by.
i already have the book angels and demons by dan brown, but my sister is still reading it.

C Saw said...

ako rin, madalang na mag-blog...

ken said...

napansin ko nga.