Saturday, January 12, 2008

articles and reviews

I don’t throw away newspapers and magazines especially when I read relevant issues and information that I think can boost my knowledge or can help me in some way or another.
If you can take a peek in one of my cabinets, there’s a lot of college newspaper, or even local newspapers that have my very own articles published. Aside from that I also keep pages I tore from a magazine that contains topic that I am fascinated to, mostly reviews of a movie flick, music or local bands. I also keep those articles about beauty tips, make-up tips, health tips, car tips, housekeeping tips, those about romance or love life and even the list of the top personalities, international or local figure and yes even papers that have casino reviews when I encountered an article about the fabulous casinos in the world.
My prized kept articles are those which my grandfather had clipped – mostly about myths and unexplainable things on earth.
Organizing these things takes a lot of time since it’s prone to dust and the preservation of the quality of the paper especially those from tabloid papers are very hard. But reading them again when I have extra time refreshes my memory.

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Grace said...

Hello.. You got nice there!! Ill update your links pag di ako masyadong busy okay? hehe tc po