Friday, January 11, 2008

Fun plan

My former officemate, Jack who presently works in a casino in Malaysia, will be arriving home this March. It’s been a year and a half since she resigned and tried her luck abroad.
Though miles away, we still keeps in touch through constant chatting and email. Her work is of different field but she told us that it’s all worth it when you already learn the routines. In fact she managed to take moonlight jobs because her work schedule, though in shifting, is still manageable so she can still earn some extra moolah, unlike in her former job here in the Philippines where she only earned basic or fixed income all in 8 hours of work, huh. I’ve learned from her that casino bonus is a good attraction to players and casino lovers.
We are even planning of going in a casino when Jack comes home. We wanted to enjoy casino bonus and experience playing baccarat or slot machines, of course with Jack as our coach as well. She’s eager to teach us how to play those machines and the techniques in gambling. After all, we only need to have some fun and fill the gap in our friendship because of her sudden work migration.

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