Tuesday, January 22, 2008

School play

This February, my son’s school will celebrate its foundation day. I’ve read in Karl’s communication notebook that it will be a three day celebration and they are offering a lot of programs for the students and parents to watch.

In line with this, my son is very busy practicing his lines for the character that he’ll portray in a stage play while I am also busy looking for his costumes. A mother of his classmate told me about Moon Costumes. She said it offers a variety of costumes for children that’s why I’m about to check it.

The activity might be quite tiring but it gets me more excited knowing my son is actively participating in the school’s program. I can’t wait to see my kid perform on stage. We plan to surprise his father about his school program. I’m sure his father will not only be amazed but will be proud of his son.

Not only that, I think it will be a great birthday presentation for his grandfather who’s celebrating his natal day on February too. I’ll give his grandparents ticket to the program, aside from organizing a dinner party for papa at home. Isn’t it a great idea?

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