Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why, oh, why?

I don’t understand why some credit card company always decline my application when I don’t even have a Bad Credit Auto Loan, salary loan, housing loan and to think it is my first time to apply for a credit card. Moreover I am qualified in their pre-requisite especially in the financial aspect they required to qualify for a card.

My officemates assume that it maybe because of my common name, maybe there is someone who has a negative record in the card company or any card company. I remember one time I renewed my clearance in National Bureau of Investigation main office, it took me three days before I got cleared because the officer told me there were several person having my name and some got bad records.

I was saddened because if only names are the same, they can check other important information about the person like the birthday, parent’s name, birthplace and the age. If there are cases of equally the same personal information, I think it’s a very rare case.

So much for lamenting on this issue because I think having no credit card don’t make me less because I can afford to buy in cash and don’t even worry if someone from the credit card company will bug me at work because of debts.

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