Friday, March 14, 2008


I’m planning to transfer Ponks in other school. I'm sorry to say this but I am not overwhelmed with his teacher’s way of teaching. I often noticed that Ponkan doesn't finished his writing, especially in assignment that's why whenever I go home and check, the homework was indicated but I cannot find what page of the book we have to answer.
Every time I asked Ponkan why he didn't finished writing, he always answer that his teacher quickly erased the notes because the space of their blackboard is not adequate. I assume that maybe Ponkan is slow in writing that's why I always told him to try to complete the notes but his teachers told me that he’s okey and his writing is the best compared to his classmates.
I have expressed this issue during the first semester, that the teachers should manage to check the notebook to make sure the student were able to complete the notes before they let them go home but still, the same situation happens.

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