Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Bloggers from all walks of life had a great time seeing and knowing each other personally. It was all because of the generosity of KD, Mmy-Ann and family.
It all started when Mmy-Ann announced that their going home this April 10 to spend a month-long vacation in the Philippines after 14 years of living in the Middle East.
And so, we were there and shared plates with the KD, Mmy-Ann with kids Tin-Tin, Justin and Josh. Mmy Cess was also present and two kids Troy and Sandra, Mmy Cielo also introduced her daughter, Ishi, who is starting to blog too like her mom. Moreover, we've met the famous SexyMom - Ms. Dine racome and Ms. Naomi Dado.
Present too were, Teacher Rems, Razzy, Watson, Masterbetong, Penoy and others I apologize because I didn't memorize all of the names and/or pseudonyms.
By June I am scheduled to meet Karmi who's from the US. Her sibling will be tying the knot that's why Karmi and family will come home. So, it's another eyeball story to tell soon.

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