Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blackjack Practice

While on our way to Baguio, some of us was asleep while blackjack practice makes me busy all the time.

Journey to Baguio usually takes 5 to six hours but we managed to reached the top in four and a half hours. Fast eh. We took the North Luzon Expressway then entered Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway. And I am busy in blackjack practice that's why I just learned we were already there when the vehicle stopped over the Lion's head monument.

My sister-in-law advised the landlord of the transient home that we will be staying that we will be in Baguio by eight o'clock in the morning. And because we have less than four hours more we decided to jog along Burnham Park.

From the park, we jog, ate breakfast, sipped hot coffee, hot noodles and hot Strawberry Taho. They even have the swan ride after at the lagoon.

Just after the boat ride, we managed to contact the landlord and went to the vacation house. We released some of our things before going straight to Botanical Garden and Mine's View Park and The Mansion.

Such a tiring day it was but it was all fun and full of memories.

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