Thursday, March 31, 2011

It is done

The Chinese government executed yesterday three Filipino drug mules, Sally Villanueva, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain.

They are the first three Pinoys who was sentenced to die through lethal injection because of drug trafficking.

But another Pinoy is a dead man walking, unless the government succeeds in its clemency appeal.

As of today, there are 209 Filipinos with drug related-cases in China according to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Seventy-six Filipinos are in line the death row but were given two years reprieve.

The cases of the three executed Pinoys should serve as an eye-opener to our fellowmen to refuse any invitation to be a drug mule and the government also to take necessary actions against the international drug syndigate who victimize innocent people just to get the illegal drugs going.


marie grace said...

i agree with ur last statement there..with such thing happened to Filipinos in China, sana magtanda na mga Pinoy..sana may malearn..

dropping by! by the way, care for exlinks? i just used to drop by here for adgi the past days.. :D

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GAGAY said...

sorry sorry! i forgot to log out from my other google account..this is my original blogger/google account..sorry for that!

I am...but GAGAY.
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Crib said...

this made me sad. reality bites, sometimes due to poverty and life's cruelty filipino will bite this job to live. yes, i hope we will all learn from this.