Tuesday, April 05, 2011


The first day of April is worth it. I attended the IBLog7 Summit at UP Malcolm Theater.
It was my first experience attending a big blogger's event and I was a bit frustrated because I refused to attend in the past IBlog Summit. I should have participated before.


I've met some bloggers whom I am only familiar with their blogs. It's nice to know the authors personally. Some where mom bloggers, others I already met after such a long time...and many more interesting bloggers in the limelight and those in the bud.


Aside from common topic about blogger's etiquette...I was overwhelmed with other topics raised by the guest bloggers. I was so amused listening to Carlo Ople and of course Howie Severino but the topic that interests me the most was about Janette Toral's National Blogger's Association and Professional Blogger's Association. This topic I think should be exposed so other bloggers may know.

I know some of us here in the blogosphere have our own world, but supporting to build a legitimate group that will represent us in the society and will protect our rights is a very notable act to do. Think about it. This will be beneficial to all of us.


Mona said...

I heard it was successful hope to attend the event next time :)

janettetoral.com said...

Hello Inya. Thank you so much for taking the time to join iBlog7. Glad you found value on what I presented then. Hope to see you again soon. :)

GAGAY said...

Hola Inya..Ate Janette is really an amazing blogging woman! I met her during blogger summit in Davao :D good to know u enjoyed the event!

Eric : Manila Blog said...

One of the speakers - Roy Dela Cruz is a good friend of mine.