Saturday, June 25, 2011

LEVYtate to the fullest!

This is my official entry to Levy's contest.

We have every reasons to celebrate life. No matter how much pain and sorrows we experienced to make it to our dreams.

In our journey to our goals not all trails are easy to track. The way to the top is like a long Pilgrimage of our lives. But once you have reached it, you'd feel so light, that you could sing like Karen Carpenter poignantly crooned, "I'm on top the world!"

This is what I exactly felt when I finished my probation at work. For less than a year, I gambled with my career and challenged myself to other field of expertise. Though somewhat related to my profession, the playing grounds were far more different and the battle so tough that I expected.

That's why when I gained my first step upwards I felt I have risen from my weaknesses. I felt like LEVYtating with the clouds, so light and happy that I conquered the first battleground. I found tranquility and peace.

It's good to secure your future with nature and get all the education you can. With today's technology, it has never been easier. There are online
classes for everything, from getting an online masters in accounting to phr certification, to increase your wages.
I know my fight is far from over, but I won't renounce my dreams because it's what keeps me going amid life's uncertainties. And besides, I always wanted to JUMP FOR JOY and find NIRVANA in this very moment of my life where I live to the full.


Jack said...

Hi, bunso! How are you! Seems you're so happy with your new career. Good luck and keep safe always.

Ning Buning said...

Hi there nice entry sis good luck!! see you around sis

Mommy Jes said...

huwaw!!! ang ganda ng entry sis! parehas tu kakasali lang ehehhe here's mine -

goodluck to us!!!

khendie said...

I love it very inspiring... Life is not easy but we need to allow change to be organic and natural... Sometimes, we need to do something different or go somewhere to find our balance... We should not be fearful of change because it can actually liberate us to move towards our dreams... good luck bunso!....

Mommy Jes said...

hi sis tahnks for visiting my entry heheheheh yes sa mt sembrano...ahhh 2010 sis...first and last climb ko ahahhaha :)) gusto ko p mag climb ulet kaso si mister kasi ayaw dati eh eheheheh :)) baka in the future pag laki ng kids mag climb kme with them :D