Saturday, June 25, 2011

So Scentsy

Love the scents? Then try Scentsy!

Scentsy is the new craze in direct selling offering scented products in various form. This company started selling scented candles and became successful.

Today, Scentsy continues to grow and offers more than scented candles product. They have decorative warmer that comes with your favorite aroma and designs. You can choose from their wide list of warmers in large, medium and small sizes and they also have plug-ins.

Better yet, decorate one for your personal use because it also has Do-It-Yourself Theme Packs. I am sure this is a great family activity, you can buy warmers for your loved-ones and have bonding at home by personalizing your warmer. It can enhance your creativity and your kids too.

What I love with Scentsy products is that you can go with it everywhere. They have Scentsy Fragrance on the Go which comes in Scent Pak and Travel Tin. You won't miss home where ever you go having the aroma with you.

Aside from this, you can earn by selling Scentsy products by being a Scentsy consultant. This is good for mothers at home who want to generate additional income. You can host a Scentsy party and earn free and discounted Scentsy products. By the way, Scenty come in affordable prices and the products are well-known so you can easily sell it.

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